About Twigs

Gardening has been a part of my life since I was a small child. I spent many summers in Alabama helping my great grand parents tend to their vegetable gardens and my grandmother tend to her vegetables as well as her flowers too. My mother had a interest in shrubs and trees and I gardened along side her when she turned a neglected, but promising, lake front property into a plant haven.

I took that love of plants and gardening and focused on becoming a master gardener in my early 20′s. After that, I worked at a nursery and I am still convinced that there is no better way to learn plants than by being with them six to eight hours a day five days a week. After a move to New England, I enrolled in a 13 course Landscape Design program. It was a wonderful way to learn the flora and fauna of the Northeast. A fellow student in the program asked if I would join her on some landscape design projects for clients she had. I said yes, and we worked together for 4 years creating beautiful gardens for clients on the Northshore. I then was asked to join the horticulture staff at Longhill Estate in Beverly, Ma. A property owned by the Trustees of Reservations. There, I helped maintain their beautiful gardens, assisted in running horticulturally based programs for the public and for garden clubs, as well as assisted in teaching garden maintenance to students who were working on achieving a landscape design certificate. During my time with Longhill, I was starting to take on design and maintenance projects in the town we had just relocated to, Hamilton.

I am now focusing on just design, install and maintenance projects in the Hamilton and Wenham area. My favorite part of designing a space for a client is helping them take their ideas and using those ideas to transform a space into an area that makes them want to spend a little more time outdoors. To draw them out of their houses, to slow them down just a bit. I believe that a garden should tell you something about that person before you even meet them. Gardens should reflect your personality and can evoke emotions. A garden with blue and white flowers, white variegated foliage and dark evergreens can be very calming and soothing. A garden like this suggests that the homeowner has a similar personality. Where as high contrast color gardens with dark and chartreuse foliage with orange and magenta flowers suggests high energy. You might expect this homeowner to be very vibrant and charismatic! These are the things I love. Helping clients figure out what they like and bringing it all together for them.

I hope you enjoy looking through some of the projects I have worked on. Let me know if I can be of help to you.

Susan Simmons